'Dishes' by Jean-Francois De Witte is a Witty Art Series

 - Dec 21, 2011
References: jf28 & whitezine
The playful photography series Dishes by Jean-Francois De Witte features conceptual creations made with the use of ceramic dishes and metal cutlery. De Witte uses these everyday objects to create stunning and witty portraits of animals, people, flowers and food.

These clever works change the perception of kitchen objects and allow people to see the creativity that lies in miscellaneous pieces like forks, spoons, knives and plates. Jean-Francois De Witte's creative photography is known for its highly conceptual nature with a multitude of previous photo series that reference everyday objects with a design-conscious aesthetic.

The artist's clean and simple aesthetic makes for perfectly proportioned pieces that stand out without overwhelming their viewer. From plate petals to cutlery critters, this distinctive and whimsical photo series dares to amaze viewers while infusing art with humor and imagination.