Rustic Threads Designs Soft and Stylish Winter Accessories

There are some very stylish winter accessories out there, but this collection of dip-dyed beanies focuses on designs that are as whimsical as they are warm. Knitted using merino wool, the handmade hats are given a bit of a colorful twist by way of soft pastel dyes. Put instead of dying the entire surface of the hats, the dip-dyed beanies are artistically patterned, resulting in wearable art.

Created by Taylor Elyse Compton of Rustic Threads, a resident in Joshua Tree, the materials used to make each dip-dyed beanie are sourced by Ohio. Compton explains the influence of Joshua Tree on his designs, "It’s hard not to be inspired by the vast scenery. The mountains are huge, and skies are endless with the most vivd sunsets promised every evening. Joshua Tree is a one-of-a-kind place, and it keeps me making one-of-a-kind work."