Learn How to Eat and Use Your Utensils Properly for Fine Dining

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: incrediblethings
If you are going to dine with the rich you will need to know proper dinner etiquette. If you don't have time for etiquette classes, this placemat diagram will be a lifesaver if you consider knowing which fork to use for each dish an important life skill. It is hard to believe that something like this is actually an important part of certain niche cultures, but if you want to fit in with this crowd this may be a necessary skill set.

It seems silly but dinner etiquette can actually be tricky setting all of the utensils, plates and glasses in the exact spots; if there is one item out of place or backwards there are pretentious people who will notice this. If you are hosting a dinner and your guests have a sense of humor, leaving the diagram in place at the table could get some laughs.