The Digital Rhythm Guitar Helps Users Play Music More Quickly

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: magicinstruments & engadget
Magic Instruments recently debuted a device called the Digital Rhythm Guitar. Although it looks fairly similar to an electric guitar, the device is an entirely new instrument that is designed to get users playing music more quickly.

The Digital Rhythm Guitar is the brainchild of Magic Instruments' CEO Brian Fan. While the device does not actually teach users how to play the guitar, it allows anyone to experience the feeling of playing music. This is possible thanks to a fretboard equipped with buttons instead of strings. These buttons can be used to play different cords and produce sounds that are similar to that of a real electric guitar. Users can learn different sequences for the cords through the digital sheet music produced by Magic Instruments.

While the Digital Rhythm Guitar does not offer the same experience as playing a real instrument, it does provide a quick and easy way for consumers to find out how it feels to produce their own music.