Alexey Kashpersky’s Digital Render of the HIV Virus is Intensely Real

Graham Johnson and Arthur Olson got together with ‘Autodesk’ in order to have a competition that essentially asked artists to create either a video or an image that is a digital render of the HIV virus. The eventual winner of the competition was Alexey Kashpersky, a Ukrainian designer that put forth an absolutely breathtaking digital render of the virus.

With such a microscopic virus, it was apparent that the render was going to need to be cast as if looking through the lens of a high-powered microscope or actually witnessing the virus from within the bloodstream. As such, Kashpersky had to first draw out his concept and then create more 3D renders using Z-Brush. The contest is a great way to not only provide some absolutely stunning renders, but to also spread more awareness about the rampant HIV virus.