The 13-Note MIDI Laser Harp was Created Using an Arduino

 - May 6, 2016
References: instructables & geeky-gadgets
The 13-Note MIDI Laser Harp is one of the most impressive digital instruments created to date that makes use of readily available materials to create a truly impressive final product.

Powered by an Arduino, the 13-Note MIDI Laser Harp is the work of Jon Bumstead who created the instrument after receiving funding from the Washington University optics group 'Spectra.'

The 13-Note MIDI Laser Harp consists of, as the name denotes, 13 notes and is created using a series of mirrors and components to create the playable instrument. The information on how to create the digital instruments can be found over on Instructables.

As consumers seek more intense levels of customization in all areas of their lives, we will likely continue to see many taking matters into their own hands and DIYing more of the products they desire.