This Bug Eye-Inspired Digital Camera Lens is Broad

 - May 25, 2013
References: nature & mashable
The human eye is less complex than a bug’s eye, which is why John Rogers from Illinois University developed a digital camera lens inspired by insects’ eyes.

The resolution of a compound lens camera may not beat out other high-end cameras, but it will be more ideal for surveillance. Because it is literally like a man-made fly on the wall, a compound lens camera will have a broader depth of field and will stay in focus no matter how far or close.

Almost all cameras currently on the market use a single lens system, which is how the human eyes actually work. Another way to see the world is through compound lenses, as do fire ants and spiders. Bug eyes consist of countless individual units called ‘ommatidia,’ flexibly formed into a semi-spherical shape. Each ommatidia has a viewfinder and light sensor of its own, and each forms a separate image that combines to complete the final picture.