Discover the Benefits of Modern Artistry Using Crowd-Sourced Data

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: trendreports
Since the birth of the digital age, art has undergone a transformation that has seen much experimentation, innovation and creativity. Modern technology provides tools for artists that give them the opportunity to create magnificent, morbid, fantastical, surreal and shocking works of art. The Digital Art Trend Report features over 700 examples of research, accompanied by 84 PRO Trends that can be used for innovation and inspiration.

Nowadays, digital art is used by a wide range of companies to enhance brand image, logos, websites and ad campaigns. It's a popular art form that can be manipulated using a variety of tools, such as photo editing and digital animation software. Also, as more brands integrate various forms of contemporary art into their media platforms, it's imperative that businesses understand how to profit from this.