Dietmar Koering Designs a Self-Sustaining Island Farm

 - May 5, 2011
References: ecofriend
If I told you that farming in the future would take place on sustainable man-made islands would you believe me? I wouldn't have believed myself until I saw Dietmar Koering's conceptual floating farm.

Fitted with solar panels and wind/wave turbines, Koering's farm is powered by nature. The island has a unique irrigation system that treats all waste water and rainwater using zebra mussels. The water cleaned by the mussels will be used to grow grass and veggies, which will in turn help sustain the island's livestock.

This design encourages eco-friendly farming; most farms today (at least in the U.S.) are factory farms that produce a large amount of environmental pollution. Check out Dietmar Koering's floating farm here and keep clicking to see more killer conceptual farms.