Diesel Website (and Salesman) Hijacked By Two Lingerie Models

 - Jan 23, 2007
References: diesel & adrants
Oh look, two models have hijacked Diesel's websites, captured a salesman and tied him to a bed. They've made their demands to Diesel and are now taking requests from readers on what to do with the captured salesman. This ad campaign is set to last for 3 days. How well will it do? So far the youtube videos are rated pretty low...

Here are the hijackers demands:
We'll be here as long as you keep us online or as long as it takes for us to get our 15 megabytes of fame.
So, we're gonna get famous no matter what it takes.

OUR DEMANDS: 1. Keep us live on your home page 2. Use us as models your underwear campaign 3. Change the DIESEL logo to the HEIDIES�

If you don't meet our demands we will: Destroy your underwear in our wood crushing machine The sales guy? You might get him back. Diesel, you should be flattered we hijacked your web site! Thanks to us you're gonna get a lot of publicity. Diesel, you better pay us for this.