The Foodie Dice Make a Game Out of Deciding What to Make for Dinner

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: foodiedice & coolthings
Coming up with creative ideas for dinner can be challenging, but the Foodie Dice are a fun way to solve this problem.

Instead of dots, each die has ingredients and cooking methods printed on the faces. Each set of dice are a different category of ingredients and methods that work well together. The categories differ to include cooking methods, meat types, seasonal veggies, grains, herbs, spices and desserts. Just give the them a roll and go with whatever chance serves you.

Each die is cut from wood and the print is laser-etched. The die resemble a cutting board making it a nice decoration for your kitchen as well. The recipes aren't guaranteed to taste great every time, but at least you'll try something new and have some fun expanding your culinary world.