Salt and Pepper Boxes Encourage Intuitive Use with Nostalgic Forms

 - Oct 13, 2012
References: & blog.leibal
It would be immediately clear, to most people, what one must do with Oscar Diaz's Salt and Pepper Boxes. You might not be able to guess the purpose of the pair of wooden cylinders straight away, but you'll know that the little winged crank at the top should be turned.

The designer wished to create a couple of shakers for the kitchen table that would hint at consumers' collective memory of certain forms. The wind-up mechanism is undoubtedly an effective symbol that one would find familiar from old clocks and antique mobile toys.

Beneath the black-painted turning key is a compartment of whole pepper, while the stainless-steel-topped seasoning vessel contains large grains of salt. The pair of Oscar Diaz's Salt and Pepper Boxes are wonderfully playful to look at and to touch and bring a bit of fun to the table.