Dface Graffitis Images Reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein's Pop Art

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: dface & juxtapoz
Dface recently finished his colossal graffiti piece entitled ‘Handle With Care,’ which depicts a sorrowful woman in 1940s apparel leaning on a crate. For those unfamiliar with Dface, he’s a UK-based street artist with a penchant for rendering classic comic-style images using the sides of buildings as his canvas. It’s as though he’s channeling the spirit of Roy Lichtenstein when producing his work since his visuals closely resemble pop art creations by the prolific American artist. Bringing this special brand of images to the street art community definitely solidifies Dface as a notable figure among graffiti aficionados.

If you’re looking to see ‘Handle With Care’ for yourself, you can do so in New York City.