The Dexter’s Victims Infographic Traces the Protagonist’s Susp

The Dexter’s Victims infographic is inspired by the drama series Dexter starring Michael C. Hall. The television show currently has six seasons to its name, and provides the perfect amount of information to be charted. The poster is an engaging visualization of the many victims of protagonist serial killer Dexter Morgan.

The infographic provides a chronological tally, and even counts Dexter's kills prior to the first season. But the chart goes into more detail than just death count. The easy to follow chart uses a victim’s legend to guide the viewer. The chart includes the name of the victim, kill type, their kills, any of their partners and weapon of choice during the murder. In addition to this, the poster tracks Dexter's blood slide count.

The Dexter’s Victims infographic is the perfect poster for the Dexter aficionado.