Devon Carrow’s Vgo Machine Facilitates Education Despite Allergie

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: buffalonews & neatorama
Second grade student Devon Carrow suffers from extreme allergic reactions. His unintentional exposure to foods like peanuts can send him into a bout of severe anaphylactic shock, instantly closing off his esophagus.

Carrow’s harboring of eosinophilic esophagitis disease hasn’t stopped him from fully participating in school. His family has turned to technology to solve their problems with a small VGo machine. The camera device rests on top of tables, affording Carrow with the opportunity to learn from a distance.

While seated at home (approximately 5 miles away from school), Carrow controls the movements of the VGo, turning the monitor and lights to better suit his vision. His teachers treat him like any other student despite his unusual presence in the classroom, further encouraging the youngster to stay on top of his studies.