The Raw, Vegan and Organic Rejuva Detox Bar is Made with Smoothie Powder

 - Oct 21, 2016
References: viviennetalsmat & trndmonitor
The Rejuva Detox Bar was crafted from Vivienne Ta's most popular smoothie powder, Rejuva Detox, offering consumers a more convenient way to enjoy the benefits of the product while busy and on the go.

The health-focused bars come in two flavors, including Raspberry & Beetroot, as well as Mango & Cinnamon, both of which are powered by dates, coconut oil, nuts and a few superfood ingredients. As well as helping the body to naturally detox, as its name suggests, this product is also reportedly beneficial for aiding cellular recovery and rejuvenation.

Others in the Rejuva Nutrition Energy Bars collection from Vivienne Ta include Burn and Sport, which are also designed to meet nutritional and lifestyle needs.