The Detonator Motorycle is Too Dangerous for Human Racers

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: danielsimon & designbuzz
The Detonator motorcycle is a concept bike not meant to be ridden by humans. Daniel Simon's futuristic drag racer is meant to be piloted by droids in a futuristic motorcycle racing circuit. The design of the Detonator motorcycle is wildly futuristic, if a bit frightening. Droids aren't programmed (hopefully) to know fear, which is good as this bike sits incredibly low to the ground to help it stay steady at high speeds.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that the Detonator motorcycle is designed for droids is its massive rear wheel. The wheel is pulled close to the driver's seat and is left uncovered. This would normally be a health hazard, but Simon argues that his beryllium-bodied droids will be safe and sound. Racing will only get more dangerous as drivers and riders look to push the speed limit. We may not be far off from a robotic racing league that forgoes human drivers in favor of dangerous and exhilarating races.