This Collection of Detergent Ads Features Characters Tied to Shows

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: lapizusa & ibelieveinadv
A series of comedic Gain Oxi laundry detergent ads has characters literally being tied to the shows that they're watching. Each print ad features a different person eating or drinking something while enjoying some entertainment. However, the hand that's holding the food is tied to a character in the show being watched. Accompanying this humorous visual is the text "Stains Happen."

Each ad shows a different scenario where you may get a stain on yourself. One ad has a soccer fan eating a hotdog while his hand is tied to the leg of a player. Another features a little girl eating ice cream with her hand tied to the arm of a serial killer about to murder somebody.

The campaign was conceived by Chicago-based ad agency Lapiz to promote Gain Oxi's detergent. Lapiz built the ads to inform viewers that accidents can happen when you least expect them.