This Microwavable Curry is Designed for Single Men

The Japanese book shop 'Village Vanguard' is now selling a microwavable curry that is specially designed for single men. Loneliness is a pervasive problem in Japan as many men and women lack human companionship. This specialty dish is designed to offer a solution for those without partners.

'Men’s Delusion Curry' is a microwavable meal that is designed to satisfy a man's appetite for food and companionship at the same time. Once a customer has popped their orange-flavored curry in the microwave, they can load the accompanying DVD. The video features gurabia model Mao Harada, who pretends to be the man's girlfriend and dinning companion for the evening. Customers can choose from three different chapters, each of which features Harada playing a different role. The videos are designed for single men who cannot stand the thought of eating alone.

Although the idea of adding virtual companionship to a microwave dinner may sound unusual, the product reveals the demand for items that can ease the burden of loneliness.