Doodle 4 Google Competition

I don't think I only speak for myself when I say I had a tendency to doodle in class when growing up. If only I could go back in time... then I would enter the Google Doodles contest.

Announcing a winner on May 28th 2008 Google will be holding the doodle contest for students in grades K-12. The criteria is simple, Google is asking the students to draw their own modification of the Google logo based on the theme “What if:?”. The winner will receive a healthy $10,000 collage scholarship to the school of their choice, as well as some laptops for the runner-ups. But all that really matters is you can brag to your friends for the rest of your life and tell them you designed a logo for the search engine company that took over the world.

Explained in detail by Geeks Are Sexy:” Each participating school must register by March 28, and submit up to six entries per school no later than April 12. Google will select 40 regional winners (10 from each grade bracket) to visit the Googleplex (a geek dream in itself) in May. Their entries will be submitted to a public vote in order to select four finalists. Dennis Hwang (who regularly draws the Google Doodles) will choose one of these as the winner, whose doodle will grace the Google home page on May 22.”