The Deoest Odor Eliminating Underwear Stops Embarrassing Smells

 - Nov 26, 2012
References: & japantrendshop
If you are planning to have Mexican food on your first date with that special someone, you need to wear a pair of the Deoest Odor Eliminating Underwear.

For those of you who tend to get gassy and are self-conscious about unpleasant aromas emanating from your trousers, these briefs will settle all your worries. Made by Inodore, the material of this underwear is specially treated with nano-level ceramic and metallic ions, which essentially means that the fabric will destroy any odor particles and diffuse bad aromas. Don't worry about being caught with your pants down either; these boxer briefs look like normal underwear and have no special markings or designs that could potentially embarrass you.

Stay odor-free and worry-free on your dates when you wear the Deoest Odor Eliminating Underwear.