Enjoy an Intense Devlish Workout with the Demonbells

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: demonbells & uncrate
If there were any set of weights that would motivate you to work out harder, it'd have to be Demonbells.

Demonbells are basically kettlebells created in the form of various demonic faces. For those wondering, these are different from dumbbells because its center of mass extends beyond the mass and it facilitates ballistic and swinging movements. What's interesting about these weights is that a lot of the designs were inspired by demons/warriors found in different cultures. For example, one model has the face of a Hannya mask, which is traditionally found in Japanese Noh theater that represents a jealous female demon or serpent. Another uses the image of a sugar skull commonly found in Spanish culture.

Even if you're not using these for a workout, they're pretty cool pieces to have at home.