Is Demi Lovato Cutting Again? How Can Famous Teens Cope?

 - Jul 17, 2009
References: popcrunch & starmagazine
It’s no secret that a life in the limelight is a stressful one, and new shots published by Star Magazine seem to indicate that Demi Lovato is cutting herself again.

Last December, Lillian Matulic answered the rumors of Demi Lovato cutting with a resounding NO. Matulic explained that the marks on Demi Lovato’s wrists were from wearing tight plastic bangles. When Lovato was spotted in late June with the same marks and more, however, the rumors have begun to fly again.

Rumors of Demi Lovato cutting herself are part of a larger troubling theme of self-harm as a coping method for teen angst. See some features on stress relief and therapy below.