De Hogewyk aka Dementiavillage is for Elders Living with Dementia

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: dementiavillage & gizmodo
Dutch seniors care facility De Hogewyk aka Dementiavillage is a self-contained village designed to cater to people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The eroding of mental faculties means dementia patients can become a danger to themselves and others. Dementiavillage is designed to combat this in subtle, but effective ways. One of the most worrying behaviors of elders with dementia is the urge to roam around without warning. This has led some care facilities to disallow residents from leaving, causing them frustration.

Dementiavillage is designed to be self-contained so residents can move about freely without being in danger. The facility also addresses other less serious, but important issues. For example, people with dementia struggle in care homes with unfamiliar layouts and decor. Dementiavillage allows apartments to be custom-designed to suit the cultural tastes of residents.

The philosophy behind Dementiavillage is to create a living environment that is normal to the eye for dementia patients, but is designed to keep them safe and happy.