Delta Concept Car Embraces the Efficiency of Form and Fuel

 - Jul 12, 2011
Rising gas prices and congested city streets are enough to make the commuter population dread the journey into work. Luckily, the development of projects like the Delta Concept Car offer a glimmer of convenience on the hazy horizon.

Having yet to undergo more detailed computer modeling and perhaps additional design to its inner workings, this eco-friendly subcompact vehicle so far sets reasonable and intelligent goals for operation. As planned by Rojo Alarcón and Alex Benavides, the smooth turtle shell body of the automobile has been influenced by the aerodynamics achieved in protective biking headgear. The car will hover just slightly above the road's surface and allow only two narrow side mirrors to escape from its sculpted curved casing. Three separate axels will bear the front wheels and the conjoined back two, giving the Delta Concept Car an unusual agility.