Delphine Courtillot Paints Scenes That Look Out of A Mob Movie

 - Jul 30, 2011
References: delphinecourtillot & booooooom
Delphine Courtillot is a 39-year-old French illustrator who currently resides in Amsterdam, and has developed a strict aesthetic that blends paintings in dark rooms with an air of upscale elegance that creates an incongruent dangerous, yet alluring vibe.

Many of Delphine Courtillot's paintings look like they could be a scene from a mafia movie. Well-dressed subjects appear in dimly lit rooms, mired in discussion. Other images show a place that could be a classy hotel, a museum, or a private lounge, all three featuring a fair amount of seating space and old generic paintings on the walls featuring ducks and horses. Each painting draws the viewer into a story with no clear narrative. You feel the drab yet dignified aura of the rooms, the characters feel like upscale businessmen engaged in frank discussion, you are enveloped in the mystery of the grand setting and its inhabitants.

Delphine Courtillot's work has been exhibited in art museums all over the world, including Los Angeles, California, Paris, France, Bergen, Norway, and China.

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