Jorge Odón Made a Safe Way to Deliver Babies

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: nytimes & gizmodo
You might not think that enveloping a baby’s head with plastic seems like a safe way to deliver babies, but Jorge Odón’s ‘Odón Device’ makes the experience safe and easy.

The New York Times notes that of the 137 million babies born annually, about 10% of them are delivered with ailments as a result of complications during the birthing process and this doesn’t even account for the numbers of stillborns and babies that die shortly after being born.

Odón’s device uses a suction cup that attaches to the top of the baby’s head and gently wiggles out the baby’s head with a gentle vacuum-like power. Gizmodo explains that currently, if a woman is unable to give birth by cesarian section, the best options for delivery "are large pliers or suction cups clamping down on the baby's head to pull it out."

The Odón Device has received the endorsement of the World Health Organization and an Americal medical tech company has already licensed Odón’s creation. This is miraculous, considering that Odón is just a mechanic who was inspired to create the vacuum-like extractor after watching a video on YouTube on how to remove a cork from inside an empty wine bottle.