The deferentialCONSTRUCTIONS Project was Made by Forfeiting Control

When a group of students from Taubman College at the University of Michigan conceived deferentialCONSTRUCTIONS, they were prepared to hand over some of the structural and aesthetic decisions to computer software. The project made use of parametric design software that helped the team to perforate the cladding randomly with tons of craters of all sizes, all over the monolithic masses.

Philosophically speaking, Harold Sprague Solie, Ning Zhou, Bennett Scorcia and Mark Wright also wished to explore the notion of Apophenia. With its intricately pock-marked skin, deferentialCONSTRUCTIONS invites people to examine the arrangement of the apertures in an attempt to rationalize their sizes and spacing and to devise possible patterns that might have dictated precise placement.