The Deesawat Bottle Collection Offers Contemporary Slatted Enclosures

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: deesawat & trendir
It might first appear that the Deesawat Bottle Collection takes on a form beyond its function; however, if you can imaginatively place yourself within that cozy tepee chair, you may realize how comforting its sheltering shape truly is.

The largest piece within the line is that bottle-shaped chair which encloses more than half of thick circular cushion in a narrowing cage of arched timber. The pieces come together to create a small hole at the top so that the whole shell allows the passage of some sunlight, but acts overall as an effective brise-soleil.

Another chair accompanies the great conical perch which is slightly smaller and designed to accommodate a single person. The struts that define the circumference of this seat do not meet at the top, but terminate abruptly at various heights. To round out the Deesawat Bottle Collection, a complementary patio light fixture contributes to the outdoor atmosphere.