Funnybones Foodservice Turns Mac and Cheese Meals into Deep-Fried Snacks

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: funnybones & barmagazine
Macaroni and cheese is often thought of as a comforting meal to dig into for lunch or dinner, but Funnybones Foodservice is now making it easy to eat as a deep-fried snack.

The 'Rio Pacific Macaroni Cheese Bites' are like a hybrid of classic American mac 'n' cheese and favorite deep-fried foods. By transforming this cheesy dish into a finger food, it's becoming easier for the brand to introduce this deep-fried snack to bars and restaurants. The bite-sized dish is a versatile one that's being introduced to eateries as a starter, snack and item that can be shared with multiple diners at a table.

As if the deep-fried macaroni snack wasn't enticing enough, it's served with Funnybones' Rio Pacific Deluxe BBQ or Cajun and Tomato sauce. To prepare, restaurants and bars need only deep-fry or oven-bake the snack from frozen, until golden brown.