Superior Minimalist Watch

 - Aug 1, 2008
References: coroflot & tuvie
This ultra modern, minimalist watch is for those who eschew the traditional timepiece. The Superior watch requires the wearer to decode the time from the two rows of lit and unlit diamonds.

The watch has been made with strong materials like tungsten carbide, with or without a polished titanium carbide coating, which inspired the name "Superior". Each watch is custom fitted.

One row of six flush cut diamonds denotes the hours and the other row, the minutes in blocks of 10 minutes. The minutes are easy to decode as seen by the diagram. Each lit diamond represents successive blocks of 10 minutes. The hours are trickier since there are 12 hours to fit in a row of just six diamonds. You have to multiply the number of unlit diamonds before the lit one by two. Then add the number of lit diamonds to that result. It might be easier for some people to just plumb for a regular watch.

Kyle Cherry is a Seattle, Washington based industrial designer who came up with this concept watch.