These Decaying Leaves Have Been Redesigned to Look Like Skeletons

 - Nov 14, 2015
References: bakumaeda.tumblr &
Visionary Japanese artist Baku Maeda has found a way to repurpose decaying leaves that are so prominent during the changing of seasons into beautifully eerie skull sculptures. The works of art transform the rotting leaves into creatively designed one-of-a-kind skeletons that can be hung up as artwork for those that admire occult decor.

During the autumnal months trees shed their leaves like crazy, but the foliage often simply decays away without much use or purpose. Maeda has found a way to use the plants by turning them creatively into a series of decaying faces that carry on the theme of decomposition. Maeda transforms the leaves into faces by punching out holes for eye sockets, noses and teeth to create a fragile yet sinister bone visage that continues to putrefy in real-time as the leaf decays away.