Full Moon in Azerbaijan

 - Feb 29, 2008   Updated: May 30 2011
References: gizmodo
Officially, they're calling it the "Full Moon" - everyone else is calling it the Death Star. Yep, in our very own galaxy (specifically, Baku, Azerbaijan), the construction of Star War's most famous man-made planet is being planned. The Death Moon is going to be a 521-feet high hotel with 382 rooms, 35-plus floors, and a fighter-jet refueling portal. Where is Azerbaijan, anyways?

Implications - While certain genres of movies don't represent the realities of the world, fans can still fantasize. The imaginative architecture, clothing and other elements in a fantastical film are an inspirational source for designers who are attempting to bring some of these features into real life. With the cult status of some movies, consumers will be looking to brands to tranform on-screen products into reality.