Element Three Puts a Playful Spin on (Death and) Taxes

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: elementthree & fastcodesign
In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote that nothing in life is certain, save for "death and taxes." Even worse than that hellish annual ritual? Audits. Even the word sends a collective shiver up our spines.

In a brilliant marketing move, branding agency Element Three has come up with the 'Audit Survival Kit,' a handy birchwood box that comes equipped with the essentials (should the auditing nightmare ever occur to you). This includes things like flashcards (to test your CPA with); a specially branded tea that reads "Are you in hot water?"; a worry stone and a bottle of "Audit Headache Relief" pills. Of course, these are only tic-tacs, but one can only hope that the placebo effect would take place.

This humorous kit for a universal pain in the ass proves that relatable marketing tactics go a long way.