Amy Stewart's Poison Garden is Full of Toxic Plants and Skulls

 - May 23, 2009   Updated: Aug 4 2011
References: cakeheadlovesevil
I have totally and utterly fallen in LOVE with this poisoned garden belonging to author Amy Stewart who has authored several books on the subject of toxic plants. Stewart lives in Eureka (how cool would that be?) where she has over 30 deadly plants in her garden including foxglove, opium poppies and castor beans.

I adore the way she dressed certain parts of the garden with skeletons and skulls. Amazing garden design.

Implications - This product is certainly for a very specific demographic of people who are excited by danger and the unknown. This pattern is inherent in consumers as it is human nature to question what one doesn't already know definitively. Businesses can take advantage of this by creating more mysterious products.