DE BAEDTS House is Raised on Concrete Supports

 - May 23, 2017
References: archdaily
DE BAEDTS House is located outside of the small town of Aalter, Belgium, but its design is hardly typical of an isolated rural home. Rather than the wood cladding and gabled roofs of many traditional homes, DE BAEDTS House employs the markedly modern, cubic form that is typical of contemporary architecture, though it still designs itself appropriately for the lifestyle of the countryside.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the home, which was designed by Architektuuburo Dirk Hulpia, is that the upper storey is suspended above the ground, forming a sort of bridge between the two ground floor volumes. This suspension leaves room for a sort of exposed garage underneath. In a big city, one might not trust to leave their garage wide open, but the country is emblematic of neighborly trust, which makes the DE BAEDTS House garage a fitting concept.