These Day-Glow Images Reveal the Eerie Insides of Sea Creatures

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: shinsekai-th & fastcoexist
While it's fun to look at pictures of fishes swimming around in the sea, these day-glow images by Lori Tomita showcase a rather unexpected perspective to aquatic life. Tomita uses various colored dyes and enzymes to visually show the insides of fish and provide the viewer with an unseen look into life under the sea.

While Tomita was working as a fisherman in Japan he captured various types of fish and sea creatures. Quickly he began experimenting with using fluorescent dyes to color the insides of the fish so that their alien-like skeletal systems would show up in day-glow photography. Tomita's image series captures these technicolor creatures in a wide variety of colors. The images highlight how intricate the bodies of living organisms can be.

You can see more of Tomita's photography in the novel New World Transparent Speciments.