Calligraphy by David Ho Design Studio is an Understated Writing Heaven

 - Jul 3, 2018
Designed by David Ho Design Studio, ‘Dancing Calligraphy’ boutique store has a distinctly modern, contemporary aesthetic that would look equally appropriate in a luxury boutique, as its defined by its gray-on-black color scheme that alludes to vintage commercial roots. Through the creative mind of designer David Ho, the elegant retail experience store fuses a well-curated array of handwriting with books and calligraphy art.

The shop's wooden interior is centered to highlight the logo spotlight; the shadow created by it flits around the walls and desks. When combined with the artistically designed studio space and the contextual calligraphic Spencer font, it blends the interior into a beautiful screen that appears to be breathing and dancing. David Ho's design concept was to invoke emotions of passion towards the slowly-fading interest of traditional penmanship.