The David Harper Stacks Installation is Evolutionary

 - Jun 10, 2011
References: 9gag & thisiscolossal
This David Harper Stacks bookshelf is a natural novel-holder.

David Harper wanted to create a piece of furniture that was both functional and thought-provoking, and therefore created this piece. The outdoor structure that his efforts resulted in was designed to represent the power of knowledge and creation. The unique bookshelf entitled Stacks is ultimately an evolution of a bookshelf.

The shelf's left hand side is simply a log of dry wood laying on the ground. As the shelf moves to the right, the log morphs into a ramshackle shelf, and finally into a piece of sturdy storage.

Harper's shelf sculpture can symbolize how the brain matures and obtains knowledge; it also encourages viewers to ponder the history of their items. This David Harper Stacks bookshelf is full of life lessons and literary love.