Eye Gazing Parties Let SF Locals Find Love at First Sight

 - Feb 13, 2009
References: nbcbayarea
It’s love at first stare with a new dating trend that started in San Francisco.

Eye gazing parties are like speed dating without the small talk. Men and women spend an evening staring deep into strangers’ eyes for 2 minutes at a time.

This new approach to dating was inspired by the idea that eye contact is an important nonverbal way to connect with others.

It’s no secret that eyes are often one of the most important features when deciding how attractive a person is. Men typically consider women with larger eyes more attractive, and in research studies, pictures of men and women with dilated pupils are rated far higher than images of the same people with small pupils.

If you thought talking on a first date was important to get to know a person, guess again. It’s all about the eyes. Maybe you can talk on the second date.