“Mingle” Online Dating Campaign

Online dating is one of those areas that can be a whole world of pain, both for users and for those handling the PR and marketing component. That is why I was pleased to find these two micro sites developed to promote an online dating service called Mingle.

It is refreshing to show that you don’t need clever interaction or widgets to make micro sites work. There is no substitute for strong writing and a good concept which is why, despite not being all "spangly," I think this is still a good, strong trend.

It’s funny, to the point and a great way to promote the Mingle website without it being cliche or tacky ("find love online yadda yadda yadda").

I have included the ten reasons why it is cool to date a Unicorn here. The 9 reasons not to date a Tyrannosaurus Rex still made this look a preferable option over my ex boyfriend, but then so is almost anything in the world.

If you wonder why Mr Rex makes a much better option, then here are the nine reasons not to date him;