The Date Night Rube Does the Mood-Setting Work for You

The Date Night Rube is a contraption that sets the mood for any Valentine's Night celebration. This nutty gizmo makes the question of "your place or mine?" an easy decision.

The Date Night Rube is triggered by the hanging of a coat which triggers a ball to roll down a wooden plank. The ball then hits some other components of the crazy device, causing a bottle of wine to auto-pour into two pre-placed glases. A series of hammers then turns on some love-makin' music followed by another rolling ball and a swinging block that trigger a quick spray of breath-freshener. The contraption is topped off by snapping off the woman's bra with a sneaky wooden stick.

If you want everything to go perfectly for your Valentine's Day date, all you must do is install the Date Night Rube and it's smooth sailing from there.