The 'Smell of Data' Device Warns of Data Breaches with Scent

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: smellofdata & yankodesign
Our sense of smell is useless when it comes to detecting danger in the online world, so the 'Smell of Data' is a device that aims to utilize our ability to smell threats and data breaches before they happen. The device works by incorporating a scent dispenser that will release a specific scent when online danger is detected, such as visiting an unprotected website or connecting to an insecure WiFi network.

Online security has become of paramount importance for nearly all consumers who spend hours each day in the virtual world, which is being acknowledged by brands and designers more acutely. The conceptual 'Smell of Data' device is the design work of Leanne Wijnsma and identifies how we could become more organically connected to our devices to sense data breaches before they happen.