Dart Music Enables Distribution of Independent Classical Music

Dart Music is an exceptionally innovative new music platform that makes use of automated distribution technology to make it easier than ever for classical musicians of the independent variety to get their music out there. It does so by improving metadata -- information about the composer, album, etc. -- associated with classical music.

This music platform's workings are rather simple. Classical musicians can start by uploading their music onto the Dart Music website, at which the service asks them a series of questions about the kind of music and who contributed to it. This data allows the software to cross-reference musical pieces with other well-known works. The end result is precise and comprehensive metadata that can then be tailored to different music-sharing and streaming services.

While Nashville is most closely associated with country and bluegrass music, it's also home to a number of budding independent classical music composers and artists, who can now count on Dart Music to distribute their work to a wider audience.