The 'Dark Kingdom' Collection by Daizy Shely is Comedic-Chic

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: trendland
Opulent 16th-century fashion gets a high fashion makeover with the 'Dark Kingdom' Collection by Daizy Shely.

The designer of Istituto Marangoni -- a Milanese professional art school -- has created lavishly voluminous attire. Shely claims that her inspiration was a result of fascination for 16th century fashion from the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

Her inspired collection is a nod to the luxuriant tendencies of royalty. In relation for her dual-shade color palette, she explains that, "Queen Elizabeth had dresses of all colors, but white and black were her favorite colors as they symbolized virginity and purity."

With the inclusion of 'gorgera' to her designs, the artist creates an over-the-top look for the collection. The incorporation of leather, taffeta and embellishments add a stunning intricacy to the pieces that is highly intriguing. The Dark Kingdom explores the realm of exaggerated beauty.