Dano Flavoured Milk Now Comes in Chocolate and Strawberry Flavors

Milk is a staple in many Nigerian households and now consumers have a new option to choose from with the debut of Dano Flavoured Milk. With two tasty flavors to choose from, the new flavored milk powders make nutrient-rich dairy products more appealing to families with kids.

Available as of this month, consumers can now enjoy Dano Flavoured Milk in both Strawberry and Chocolate varieties. Each flavor comes as a milk-based powder that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, Vitamin D, and other vital nutrients. The products are largely meant for children and families who are looking for ways to enjoy the nutrient-rich benefits of milk products, but in more exciting and flavorful formats.

Mads Burmester, Managing Director, TG Arla Nigeria, also notes that, "because milk remains a very important nutrient-packed food, Dano wants to establish a rich milk drinking culture in Nigeria beyond breakfast occasion."