Artist Daniel Pillis Replicated the Room in Which AI Was First Invented

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: danielpillis & digitaltrends
Few would contest the importance of artificial intelligence in today's increasingly digital world, and the historical significance of that computerized concept is so grand that Daniel Pillis, an artist working with Carnegie Mellon University, has designed a shrine to AI's birthplace. Over the course of three month, Pillis transformed his office into a minutely detailed, painstakingly researched replica of the room in which AI was first conceived.

In 1955, proto-computer scientists Allen Newell and Herbert Simon developed 'The Logic Theorist,' a software program designed to use logic in the same way that humans do in order to solve simple math problems. Compared to modern AI, The Logic Theorist is understandably quaint, but it was a massive breakthrough at the time.

Daniel Pillis was able to recreate Newell and Simon's office by digging through archives and listening to oral accounts from other professors and computer scientists who were working there at the time.