These Daniel Eatock Designs are Thought-Provoking

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: booooooom
Glancing at these images, one sees a walker supporting a weight and a disco ball strainer; what is Daniel Eatock trying to say with these intricately composed sculptures? The images combine everyday items in a fashion that detracts from any recognizable function or feature. Looking at these sculptures by Daniel Eatock one is left feeling confused and suspended rather than grounded and affirmed.

Thought-provoking and aesthetically simple, these sculptures are framed within a blank background, focusing attention solely on the centered objects. Although this focuses attention, it doesn't alleviate the sense of distraction one feels when trying to interpret the message behind the image.

Daniel Eatock's sculptures are both intricate and simplistic. Grabbing attention with an initial impression of recognition and then distorting that through the bizarre composition and structure.