The Daniel Eatock Object Sculptures Unusually Combine Commonplace Item

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: eatock & beautifuldecay
The Daniel Eatock object sculptures take two commonplace items and stack them on top of one another to surface an unfathomable collaboration.

Which items Eatock decides to use and how he places them do not seem, at first, to have any immediate connection. It is up to the viewer to ponder why the two objects were conjoined. For instance, when looking at the red safety cone and the megaphone, it seems that these are two unlikely pieces to be compiled into one sculpture. Then you are able to realize that they are both used for presenting warnings and securing safety. The difference is you see the cone and you hear the amplifying blow-horn.

If you want art that challenges you, the Daniel Eatock object sculptures test your wits.