Daniel de Bruin Invented a Hand-Powered 3D Printer for Hands-On Designers

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: danieldebruin & springwise
While some might consider analog inventions a throw-back to the past, to a simpler time before smart devices and the Internet completely took over our lives, Daniel de Bruin is combining hand-powered machines with modern day advances. His analog 3D printer was created with designers in mind. This lets them continue to be hands-on and craft things by hand while also including new technologies.

The 3D printer stands two meters tall and features a crank users must turn by hand. This makes all the parts work together to force clay out of a syringe. Different pulleys and weights control the flow, so creators like Daniel de Bruin can continue to make stunningly unique pieces of art.

This is an excellent example of how the efficiency and affordability of new inventions can work alongside older mediums.